Happy 93rd Birthday Pap!

Today is my grandfather's 93rd birthday!  Over the weekend, we took him to dinner, then surprised him with this birthday brownie.  He thoroughly enjoyed it, despite his usual claims about being too full for dessert.

Everyone who meets "Pappy" loves him immediately.  He's the grandfather everyone wishes they had.  If anyone deserves a decadent dessert, it's him.  After immigrating here from Italy, he studied hard to learn the American way.  He then joined the Navy, married my grandmother and started a family...always working hard along the way.  Most of my childhood memories involve him.  He loved my grandmother, family, reading, fixing things, Cadillacs, magic tricks, and food (specifically bread!)  

I'm so fortunate to have such a wonderful, inspirational person in my life.  After all these years, he taught me the most important lesson of all...family is what it's all about.  I hope someday to be as cherished as he is by everyone that meets him.  

In him, I have found the true meaning of "grand".  

Here's to another 93 years Pap!

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